5 Top Home Trends for 2018

The 1970s are known for shag carpet and mustard-yellow counters. The 1990s broughbeaded curtains and purple paint into vogue. These trends have mostly passed, and that's probably a good thing. The home trends of 2018 are much classier — and hopefully longer-lasting — than these decade-specific preferences. Here are five such trends to keep in mind as you shop for a home or remodel your current one. 

1. Patterned Flooring

Say goodbye to plain, solid-colored laminate or tile. Patterned flooring is the hot new thing. Tile with vibrant, Moroccan-inspired patterns looks lovely in more modern, artistic homes, and patterned hardwood fits well in more traditional settings. Mix light and dark-stained wood for a dining room floor that really pops.

2. Velvet Furniture

There has been a growing trend towards mixing textures in home decor, and in 2018, texture mixing reached a peak with the popularity of velvet furniture. This soft-textured fabric is a lovely contrast to smooth, painted walls and smooth tile flooring. Plus, it feels lovely when you sit on it. While velvet furniture may sound like a loud choice, neutral-colored velvet, like beige and gray, is quite soft and subdued.

3. Open Floor Plans

The trend towards open floor plans began prior to 2018, but it certainly remained strong throughout the year. Opening up the living room, dining room, and kitchen to create one large space can make entertaining easier, and will also make it simpler to interact with your family when you're all home.

4. Spa-Like Bathrooms

The bathroom has been transformed from a functional room to a space of luxury. Features like rain shower heads, spa-style soaking tubs, and heated floors are making bathrooms an easy place to linger as you prepare for the day. Master bathrooms, as a result, are growing larger in new construction. Those remodeling older homes have begun adding spa-like master baths to their plans.

5. Jewel Tones

Neutrals can be a bit bland on their own, and homeowners have found a fun way to make them more interesting. A few jewel-toned items, like sapphire curtains or a ruby-red area rug, can make your whole space pop. 

If 2018 house trends can be described in three words, those words would be soft, simple, and inviting. Keep these trends in mind as you shop for a home; they're sure to stick around for a while.