4 Reasons to Live in South County, Rhode Island

Located in the southeast corner of the state and surrounded by ocean on two sides, South County, Rhode Island is a popular destination for vacationers. However, it's also a county that many people call home. If you are looking for a welcoming community with rich history and gorgeous scenery, perhaps you should move to South County, too. The following are four great reasons to make the move.

1. A Sensational Coastline

Whether you love swimming, fishing, or simply relaxing on the beach, living in RI gives you access to some of the nicest beaches in New England. Narragansett Beach is a quaint town beach with warm sand, a clear view of the coastline, and gorgeous sunsets over the water. Scarborough State Beach is another enjoyable choice with a boardwalk, observation towers, and hot showers. In South County, your everyday life feels like a beach vacation.

2. Affordable and Unique Real Estate

Living along the coast is not as expensive as you might assume. The South County real estate market is booming, with homes in all sizes and price ranges available. You'll pay a premium, of course, for beachfront property. But if you're willing to live just a mile or two inland, you can find some lovely, affordable historic homes. Many of the historic homes have been well cared for and updated, so you won't have to settle for a fixer-upper.

3. Welcoming Neighbors

While New Englanders in busy cities like Boston may have the reputation of being cold or unwelcoming, South County has a more relaxing vibe. Neighbors are welcoming, and you'll soon feel like part of the community. Libraries and community centers often host community events, which are a great way to meet the locals. This is the kind of place where people greet each other while walking down the sidewalk and open doors for each other at the store.

4. Forests and Hiking Trails

Spending more time in nature is good for your mental and physical health. Imagine being able to start every day with a hike through the forest. South County's interior boasts dense, old-growth forest. Burlingame State Park, for example, offers 29 acres of wooded land with numerous hiking trails.

Are you ready for a change? A move to South County will allow you to experience the best of living in RI. From beaches to historic homes, your new community is waiting.