Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Wait Until Spring to List Your Property!

Pop quiz: when is the most popular time of year to list your home? If your answer was "spring", then you and many other people have the same idea. And it is a good one. Nicer weather, budding flowers, and plenty of curious buyers. But don't think you have to wait until spring to list your home. In fact, listing your home during the winter has its advantages over the other seasons. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't wait for spring to list your home:

  1. Greater visibility: How many houses are up for sale in the spring? And how many are available in the winter? The winter real estate season usually has a smaller inventory of houses for sale, meaning that your house will enjoy a greater visibility for home buyers. And that means less competition.

  2. More determined buyers: Sure, spring time has a greater volume of home buyers, but a lot of those home viewings are people simply taking a look. Now, think about people who look at homes during the cold winter months. They generally have a greater interest in buying, and that means a better chance of making a sale. 

  3. Better pricing: With fewer houses on the market, the likelihood of a bidding war is less probable. However, if you have priced your home accurately, the chance of getting the price you want with less back-and-forth is better!

  4. Cozy winter home: What house doesn't look great in the spring? Making your home seems warm, cozy, and appealing in the winter presents its own challenges. But if you can make your home enticing to buyers during the winter, then the ability to close a transaction is that much easier.

  5. Less work to make your home list-ready: Curb appeal is a definite part of selling your home. So how do you create curb appeal in the winter? Make sure the walkway cleared, and the outside is tidy. But other than that - winter time can mean less work to get your home ready to sell.

Even though selling your home in the winter may seem inconvenient, it does have its unique advantages. From dedicated buyers to less inventory to getting ahead of the spring market, make the most of the winter real estate season and everything it has to offer.